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constellajen's Journal

10 May
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I love meeting new people! I'm a commercial freelance artist. I primarily work in watercolor. I have an agent Linda McDonald(www.lindamcdonald.com) who represents and promotes my work. I license it out onto random products. I've been known to be painting at 2am. I don't eat breakfast...I drink coffee. Fashion obsessed...sleep deprived. I want more parties. I want more holidays. I want less selfish idiots. Quality over quanitiy. Love is life...Give life a change. I'm made up of party dresses and torn jeans. I consume mass amounts of pages with text on them, as well as write mass amounts of text on pages without. Stained glass illuminates me. Let the sunshine in. *Please note: My user name "Constellajen" is pronounced in terms of a play on the word "Constellation" and my short term name "Jen". As I am a stickler for spelling and proper punctuation(sincerely)...I feel getting too caught up in either when writing a free flowing blog can at times disrupt the intention or creative river of thought.